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The Whole Solution

Technology advances and changes everyday – which is where our turn-key system integrations come into place. We’re all about making products easy-to-use and giving our clients the ability to make the most out their equipment and space.

Our team can redesign your entire lighting, sound and production set up, giving you an end-product that works fluidly together. We have completed system integration installs and overhauls onboard cruise ships, inside theatres and concert halls and even retail locations!

Work In Harmony

System integration plays a pivotal role in delivering seamless and captivating experiences to audiences and visitors. By harmonizing various technical components such as sound systems, lighting, projection and automation, system integration ensures that performances run smoothly and immerse guests in the intended atmosphere. 

Whether it’s synchronising audiovisual cues for a grand production or even managing ticketing and security systems efficiently, the integration of these diverse technologies will enhance operational efficiency and elevate your visitors’ experience, making your theatre, concert hall, cruise ship and more the ultimate place for entertainment! 

Specialist Crew

Our team hosts a treasure trove of skilled designers and engineers in lighting, audio, AV and more. We have developed skills and ways to combine these fundamentals of the production world to create seamless integrated systems. 

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